Monday, June 10, 2013

Inner Jersey Muncung Ready Stock

Inner Jersey Muncung- Single Tone
5 inches width

1 helai : RM4.00
5helai : RM3.50 sehelai
(excluding postage)

New Color From Town

color from top : Shocking orange, yellow, maroon, very dark brown, brownish yellow, light grey.

color from left : Shocking red, light purple, dark brown, maroon, 

other colors that we have (need to request) :
*****Pictures from Two Tones Inner Jersey Muncung Collection

color from top : 
heel green + hijau muda
yellow + orangish yellow
happy pink + happy purple
cream + brownish yellow
hijau muda +  light pink
dark blue + heel green

all cream ........
color from top : 
light grey + cream
dark grey + cream
brownish yellow + cream
dark blue + cream
biru susu + cream

color from top : 
happy pink + happy purple
shocking red + dark purple

variety of yellow....
color from top : 
heel green + dark blue
light pink + maroon
shocking orange + brown
dark brown + brownish yellow
light grey + orangish yellow
yellow + orangish yellow

all black.....
color from top : 
black + light grey
black + light pink
black + heel green

color from top : 
hijau muda + heel green
hijau muda + light green
hijau muda + dark purple

More info;
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